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Hotel Amenities

7 Amenities Every Hotel Should Provide to Ensure a Comfortable Stay for Guests

Amenities are an excellent opportunity to ensure your guests feel comfortable and pampered during their stay. When guests choose to stay in a hotel, the facilities they receive can make or break their experience, no matter what the reason for their stay may be. If you have guests who are here to explore the place, spend their vacation, or attend business meetings and conferences, all you need to do is make sure that along with cleanliness, and budget-friendly pricing, the amenities being offered are on point. Whether they are booking hourly rooms, couple-friendly hotels, or even hotels for unmarried couples, amenities go a long way. 

It is important to curate your amenities to create a positive guest experience, by selecting amenities that align with guests’ needs. If you have a luxury property, providing budget soaps and shampoos will likely be deemed subpar by your guests. But if your target traveller is on a budget, the simple availability of toiletries could differentiate you from any other hotels on hourly basis with online booking.

Here’s a list of amenities that all hotels should provide to guests to give them a better experience and comfortable stay at your hotel. 

Complimentary Toiletries

Travel-sized toiletries are a great way to impress your guests as well as show them that you have preempted their forgetfulness. People who are in quick transit usually forget to carry these things, and providing shampoo, face wash, bathing soap, handwash etc. is a feasible option. 

Pickup And Drop Facilities

Pickup and drop facilities are other hotel amenities that can attract more and more guests to your hotel. Often guests look for pickup facilities from the airport, railway station, or bus stop to reach the hotel without any hassle. They even ask the hotel manager to arrange for a pickup and drop facility to avoid mishappenings in the new place.

High-Speed Internet

In today’s age, high-speed internet and access to Wi-Fi in rooms is an essential feature that you should offer to your guests. From backpackers to business travellers, a good wifi connection is needed by all. All guests often look for wifi connections if they are travelling for a conference, meeting, workstation, or staycation.

Room Service

One of the essential hotel amenities you need to include to attract guests is room service. People often choose to stay in a hotel having room service, for convenience purposes. Assuring your guests to stay in their hotel room and get their food needs met with just one phone call is one of the ways of impressing them and attracting more guests. 

Clothing Iron Facility

Providing a clothing iron to your guests can help you earn extra brownie points. After all, who would like to wear unironed clothes on a trip, especially if it is a business trip? Giving your guests access to an iron to use at their discretion can be impressive for business and corporate travellers. 


Calling the room service to bring you cold water, ice and chilled cold drinks every time can be tedious. Instead, providing a mini-fridge can help attract guests who are checking in purely to unwind and party with their friends. They can use this to store drinks and not bother your staff through the night!

Fitness Facilities

Many fitness enthusiasts look forward to having a gym on the hotel premises and prefer to get their workout sessions in no matter where they are. Offering this can be helpful while targeting guests looking for staycations and workations.

Providing hotel amenities is one of the best ways to differentiate your hourly hotel from competitors. It will also help you retain your guests and make them revisit your property. You can add more amenities depending on your hotel and guests' preferences because those who book rooms on hourly basis are always in search of the best hotel amenities that make them feel comfortable and relaxed.