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Myths About Hotel Industry

8 Common Myths About the Hotel Industry

The hotel management industry has always held a prominent position as one of the largest economic sectors worldwide. However, the industry faced significant challenges due to the unforeseen consequences of lockdowns and travel limitations during COVID-19. Despite these hurdles, the industry has begun to recover and regain its strength. The industry is ever-evolving and is always attempting to alter its practices to suit the demands and needs of the community at large.

Here are the top 8 myths that people are completely wrong to believe when it comes to the hospitality industry and hotels.

Online room booking is unreliable and risky.

Fact: Online room booking has revolutionised the hotel industry, making it more convenient and accessible than ever before. With secure payment gateways and reliable booking platforms, the process has become incredibly reliable and safe. Hotels have implemented robust systems to ensure the accuracy of availability, rates, and reservations, providing customers with a seamless experience.

Finding good hotels for couples near me will always be difficult.

Fact: The hospitality industry recognizes the needs of couples and offers a wide range of couple-friendly hotels in various locations. From romantic getaways to urban retreats, there are numerous options available for couples seeking a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Many hotels explicitly advertise their couple-friendly policies, ensuring a hassle-free experience for guests. 

Hotels near the airport are always noisy and inconvenient.

Fact: While some hotels near the airport might experience noise due to proximity, many establishments have taken measures to ensure a peaceful stay for their guests. Soundproofing techniques, strategic room placement, and quality construction help minimize noise disturbances. Additionally, hotels near airports offer the advantage of convenient access for travelers, making them a preferred choice for many.

Hotels do not allow unmarried couples to stay together.

Fact: Many hotels have embraced a progressive approach and now welcome unmarried couples. These couple-friendly hotels prioritize privacy, comfort, and respect for their guests. With proper identification and adherence to the hotel's policies, unmarried couples can enjoy a pleasant stay without any unnecessary hurdles or discrimination. 

Hourly rooms are only for illicit activities.

Fact: Hourly room rentals cater to a variety of needs, including short stays for business travelers, tourists with tight itineraries, and individuals seeking a temporary respite during a layover. These rooms provide flexibility and convenience, allowing guests to pay only for the hours they need, without any hidden agendas or negative assumptions.

Rooms for couples are overly expensive.

Fact: While luxury accommodations can be pricey, there are plenty of affordable options available for couples. From budget hotels to mid-range establishments, hotels catering to couples offer a range of rates to suit different budgets. By comparing prices and exploring different booking platforms, couples can find accommodations that meet their preferences without breaking the bank.

Couple-friendly hotels compromise on safety and security.

Fact: Couple-friendly hotels prioritize the safety and security of their guests. They implement stringent security measures, including CCTV surveillance, secure entrances, and well-trained staff. Additionally, these hotels uphold privacy policies, ensuring that guests can enjoy their stay without unnecessary intrusion.

Hotels by the hour lack quality and amenities.

Fact: Hotels offering hourly rooms have begun to understand the importance of providing a comfortable experience for their guests, regardless of the length of their stay. Many of these places offer a range of amenities, including free Wi-Fi, room service, clean and well-equipped rooms, and access to facilities such as gyms or swimming pools. Guests can enjoy a quality stay, even within a shorter time frame.


In today’s times, online room booking has become reliable and secure, with hotels and platforms like Qwiksta offering diverse options for couples and locations for hotels near airports, in city centres and across major metros that prioritize comfort and convenience. Couple-friendly policies, hourly stays, and available accommodation for all budgets are all accessible to those who need them. So next time you plan a hotel stay, rest assured that the hotel industry has evolved to cater to your needs, preferences, and comfort.