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Only Couple Book Hotels By the Hour

Only Couples Book Hotels By The Hour

People across the world spend ages in coffee shops nursing one coffee when they need to kill time. We all are constantly in search of places to take that break to rest and rewind - be it if we’re travelling for work, or pleasure. But practically speaking, why would anyone be willing to spend money for an entire day’s stay in a hotel room when they actually intend on using the room only for a few hours? Hourly hotels are thriving for this very reason. 

Think about it, bikers or trekkers on their long adventurous journeys may need a nap or a shower to give their tired bodies some rest and refreshment. Working professionals often travel for long hours and end up in a cafe and use washrooms to freshen up and prepare for their next meeting or presentation. Would they not prefer somewhere better, more spacious to quickly freshen up and prepare for their meetings?

Most hotels and hotel booking sites bind their customers within fixed timings of check in and check-out which often miss balances the travel budgets of travellers - the truth is, many people need hotel rooms by the hour.

We are still under the misconception that only couples book hourly hotel rooms.  Booking hotels by hour is not only cheaper but also flexible for all sections of people, be it travellers, students or businessmen. Instead of spending hours in a cafe, walking aimlessly in the hot sun and just killing time at random places - people would always prefer to opt for a short stay without worrying about rigid timings and heavy pricing in hotel rooms. Hourly booking options can make travel experiences memorable for guests and lucrative for hotel owners. 

Hotel booking by hours is a major benefit for mainstream travellers. While it is true that couples use this facility for their needs, rescheduled meetings, delayed flights and late trains are much more common and can result in people being left stranded without a place to pass their time. Spending time in crowded waiting rooms and crammed waiting lounges would never be the top choice if more hotels accounted for flexible hotel bookings by the hour. With Qwiksta, you one can simply book a room for 3, 6 or 12 hours and make yourself comfortable.

Whether you’re a travel junkie, or a shopaholic out on the town, booking hotel rooms by the hour is very helpful so you can spend all your time outside and just check-in to rest and freshen up. You can easily accommodate yourself with an early check-in at any hotel and check out once convenient to you - at a fraction of the cost. Flexible stays are great when you want to keep your belongings safe while you explore the city.  It is not uncommon for people belonging to the commercial and corporate sector to drop their bags and head out for meetings and conferences in the city. With hourly booking at hotels, you won’t have to wait till noon to check into a hotel or even worry about checking out at a particular time. The flexible rules of check-in and check-out make short business trips an affordable option for people. 

Short stays are a lifesaver in the monsoon season! Imagine having a meeting across town and arriving for it soaked - with the option of booking an hourly hotel room you will never have to worry about arriving looking anything short of your best. You can easily book a room for a few hours and get dressed closer to the venue and avoid your clothes from getting ruined in transit.

Thus, it’s safe to say that hotel booking by hours is only for couples is just a myth. People need to wake up and realise that there are so many practical ways for the whole public to take advantage of this style of booking. There are way more uses of these rooms than we have listed out - and that’s the beauty of having hotel rooms on hourly basis. Qwiksta is happy to be your partner and help you find the right hotel for your use no matter what you need it for!