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Common Hotel Booking Mistakes

7 Common Hotel Booking Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

 Have you ever tried planning a holiday? The stress about finding early check-in hotels, couple friendly rooms, booking the right place, making sure it has the perfect amenities for everyone staying with you as well as double checking things like cancellation fees, whether hotels for day use are an available option - online room booking is a tedious task sometimes. 

So, when you’re making your bookings, it’s all the more important to cover all your bases. From hotel policies to the best payment methods and biggest discounts, here are the most common hotel booking mistakes you should avoid when you’re booking a hotel.

1.Choosing Looks Over Location

Luxury and amenities can only take you so far. There is no point in having a private jacuzzi, lavish breakfast spread and stunning views, but if it’s not easily accessible to the rest of the city or town you’re travelling in, you would spend too much money and time planning commutes rather than enjoying yourself. If you’re in transit, then make sure you check out available resorts near the airport and even hotels near the international airport so you are not too far away when you need to travel back. If you’re travelling for work, make sure your hotel is close to your workplace or meeting venues as well as to good restaurants that you can dine in at or order from. For families, it helps to have a general list of places you want to visit and pick a hotel that isn’t too far from them. 

2.Not Reading The Cancellation Policy

Even though you may plan everything about your holidays, sometimes unavoidable circumstances can lead to total chaos and distress. Making sure your booking is safe and funds aren’t entirely wasted in the event of a cancellation is something most people forget to do. You must check if and how much of your payment is refundable in case your plans change. Double-checking the check-in date so you can cancel your booking in time is essential. Very few hotels have a zero-cancellation policy like Qwiksta does, so make sure you read carefully. 

3.Not Comparing Rates

While it is exciting to click on the book now button, make sure you take a few minutes to compare pricing across websites. Many hotels will charge you more on their website as compared to the pricing on a third-party aggregator like Qwiksta. Make sure you check if they offer an hourly hotel booking option to reduce the amount you pay. Spend time researching thoroughly and if nothing else, you can always call the hotel directly to enquire about their rates and availability of hourly rooms. Speaking to a hotel representative also makes it easier to have all your doubts cleared. 

4.Not paying attention to check-in and check-out times

Most commonly, check-in is between 12 and 2 pm, while check-out is typically by noon. However, every hotel is free to choose its own check-in and check-out times and there’s no standard across the country or the world. It is essential that you check the timings at the time of booking to avoid any confusion later. If you are arriving early, request an early check-in hotel, which is typically offered based on availability. If you’re checking out and travelling right after, try to plan your flight or train timings accordingly. If you have a gap between your check-out and your flight, request a late check-out (typically available at a cost) or ask your hotel if you can drop your baggage at the reception while you step out for a bit or kill time at the in-house cafes.

5.Not checking your room’s maximum occupancy

Have you ever been told that that one friend cannot ‘adjust’ with you in your room in a hotel? Well, that’s because every room and villa at a hotel has a maximum occupancy. Typically, a double room has an occupancy of two guests and a maximum occupancy of three guests - which means the cost quoted to you at the time of booking is meant for two people, and the third one will most likely have to pay extra. Make sure you check these things, especially in case of group travel. Inquire with the hotel or check the booking website about the charges for extra guests and bedding, and plan for that in your budget.

6.Not checking for a booking confirmation email

Never start your travel without receiving written confirmation about your stay. Whether you book directly, or via an aggregator - you will receive an email with the details of your stay. It typically contains — your name, date of booking, mode of payment, arrival and departure dates, number of guests and more personal and travel-related information. If you don’t receive an email soon after you have made a booking, make sure to call the hotel or aggregator helpline to cross-check about the email. To be doubly sure, reconfirm your booking on call a few days before you travel.

7.Ignoring factors like age and accessibility for unmarried travellers

While most hotels welcome guests of all ages, not all have the same policies for couples. Some hotels may not welcome unmarried guests, whether they are friends or a couple. Many hotels typically have some kind of minimum age requirement for guests from a legal standpoint. In India, the primary guest needs to have a valid Government ID and be at least 18 years of age. However, not all owners are comfortable with allowing any unmarried adults to use the hotels and insist on the occupants being married. 

If you’re travelling with your partner, don’t forget to check with the hotel about accessibility and their policies. Calling them with your queries is the best way to go about it. Are unmarried couples allowed in hotels in that city? Does that property permit unmarried couples to book rooms? How can you go about booking any rooms for couples? Make sure to get all the details before you make a booking so it can be a fun holiday and not a stressful one with unnecessary judgement and moral policing. 

Be careful and keep all this information in mind while booking your travels to have a seamless and happy experience. If all of this seems like too much, just book on Qwiksta - we offer pay-at-hotel facilities, have zero cancellation fees, hourly hotel booking facility and all our hotels are couple friendly. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not, trust us!